Delivery! 「Quantitative packing machine」 Suitable for open bag and valve bag

Quality brings market, improvement brings progress.

PUPA's latest Quantitative packing machine has on the way to the mountain city——Chongqing!

In response to customer's request, our engineers specially designed a stainless steel, dust explosion-proof package machine which is suitable for open bag and valve bag.


Live up to the trust, create the future.



As an organic matter, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC-Na) is often used in petroleum industry, daily chemical industry and food industry. Because of its good functional characteristics, it has been widely used in the food industry, and it has also promoted the rapid and healthy development of the food industry to a certain extent. Taking into account the particularity of the packaging material, the packaging machine material is made of stainless steel, to ensure safety at the same time, corrosion resistance and durable, more graceful appearance.



「Explosion control cabinet」

Electronic control instrument box (stainless steel) and motor

The requirements of dustproof and explosion-proof Ex tD A21



Explosion-proof button/explosion-proof knob/explosion-proof light/explosion-proof emergency stop

More Secure


Feed opening

According to bag size and weight

Add bag clamping device



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